Life, Love and Farewell

Remembering one of the BIG Easy's downright funkiest cats Allen Toussaint, not only for his incredible behind the scenes production and songwriting but also as an amazing performer.

Read More Posted Thu 12 Nov 2015

A Song Played On a Plastic Saxophone

There was a lot of poetry floating around in tribute to Ornette Coleman last week which is appropriate because Ornette’s music always felt like ART. In fact, if anyone has

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When The Dark Lord Calls

Bruce Lundvall passed away.

Read More Posted Mon 25 May 2015

Is There a Heaven For Guitars?

So it happened. BB King went and left.

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Unsung Heroes... When The Man Wasn't Just The Man.

A short while back we picked out the marketing campaign for Tobias Jesso Jr’s great new album “Goon” because it reminded us of the awesome Warner Brothers Records ads from

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Percy Sledge 1940-2015

Before I knew what a process was I knew about Percy Sledge. Staring at the photos of his improbably straightened and waved hair I had no idea it was the

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Bang A Gong... Get it On.

Much is made of Sun Ra & Funkadelic and their weird avant-funk.

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Finally Leaving His Dressing Up Box

I guess it was because of 50 Shades of Grey that so many obituaries for Steve Strange led on Fade To Grey taglines.

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A Change Of Cosmic Address

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Let's Close Your Eyes... It's Groovy Now

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The Party Is Over But The Horn Blows On

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Rap In Peace Big Bank Hank

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