Phil Collins: Not Dead Yet

Phil Collins is entering an age of critical reappraisal. Name-checked by contemporary stars like Kanye West, Collins’ autobiography Not Dead Yet arrives as he announces a return to the stage and releases a new career-spanning hits collection.

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Fleetwood Mac: Mirage Deluxe Edition

It might not have matched Rumours for sales, but Mirage and its fascinating album sketches combine for a swooning, storming wonder.

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Jeff Beck: Loud Hailer

Legendary guitarist, Jeff Beck, dares to press reset on expectations

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Eric Clapton: Crossroads Revisited

Crossroads Revisited: Selections From The Crossroads Guitar Festivals finds blues god Eric Clapton curating his own impossible festival bill

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Cyndi Lauper: Detour

Backed by discreet production that allows these timeless tunes suitable breathing space, this labour of love sees Lauper’s true colours shining through.

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The Cars: The Elektra Years 1978-1987

Average joes by day, synth heroes by night, The Cars’ canon will continue to influence music for generations to come.

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Phil Collins: No Jacket Required Deluxe Edition

Collins’ roll-out of deluxe editions of his catalogue has put the music itself back in the spotlight, with his third release No Jacket Required an astute mix of swagger and emotion.

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The Creator Had a Master Plan (But Now Peace Reigns)

Pharoah Sanders came to town to play and was introduced as Jazz Royalty, which, truly, he is, even if he is now more a king than the joker he once

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(When The Sun Sets Over) Carlton

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse @ The Plenary 13.3.13

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Album Review - Eden Ahmez - Eden's Island (Re-issue)

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Sibylle Baier - Colour Green

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