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You hum them, he wrote them: Remembering Curly Putman

Songwriter Curly Putman did not shy away from dark subject matter in his songs. And the songs he wrote for country music's biggest stars were mini masterpieces of tragedy.

Read More Posted Wed 2 Nov 2016

R.I.P. Richard Neville

Australian journalist/writer Richard Neville, best known as the co-founder of the iconoclastic and era-defining ‘60’s magazine Oz, has sadly passed away.

Read More Posted Mon 5 Sep 2016

Alan Vega: American Dreamer

A hugely influential figure in American music – proclaimed by critics and everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Nick Cave to U2, yet Alan Vega remained unknown to the music world at large for the duration of his musical life.

Read More Posted Tue 19 Jul 2016

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun

A lot of Floyd really is dull pomp rock, but for a bit they really were the best acid band ever. And that time was when Syd Barrett drove the spaceship.

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The Guitar that Changed the World

It's about 60 years since Scotty Moore did anything revolutionary, which is a long time to still care. But Scotty Moore’s thing meant a lot. In those 60 years he changed so many people’s lives.

Read More Posted Fri 1 Jul 2016

This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco

Rest in Funk, Bernie. As the keyboardist for Parliament-Funkadelic, he was a daring musical genius whose personality and playing was off the grid in the best way.

Read More Posted Wed 29 Jun 2016

Legendary Trumpet Player Wayne Jackson Has Died

If you don’t know Wayne Jackson’s name, you certainly know his music – he & partner Andrew Love played on a staggering 52 #1 records, and 83 Gold and Platinum records. Australia’s own You Am I had the Memphis Horns guest on their ’97 album #4 Record, and Tim Rogers has written a few words for us about Wayne…

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Taking the Long Black Limousine

Remembering Grammy-winning songwriter, engineer and guitarist Lincoln Wayne "Chips" Moman, whose single-mindedness helped produce some of rock n roll's greatest recordings.

Read More Posted Sat 18 Jun 2016

Early Rock'n'Roll Greats Take Their Last Sleep Walk

Some sad recent passings from the world of early rock'n'roll instrumental music...

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13 Songs You Might Not Know Were Written By Prince

Did you know he wrote songs for Stevie Nicks, Chaka Khan, Cyndi Lauper & Madonna?

Read More Posted Mon 2 May 2016

Life, Love and Farewell

Remembering one of the BIG Easy's downright funkiest cats Allen Toussaint, not only for his incredible behind the scenes production and songwriting but also as an amazing performer.

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Percy Sledge 1940-2015

Before I knew what a process was I knew about Percy Sledge. Staring at the photos of his improbably straightened and waved hair I had no idea it was the

Read More Posted Mon 20 Apr 2015