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Classic Rock Wins Record Store Day 2018

Reports from the US sales of vinyl have been topped by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Springsteen, Neil Young and Hendrix.

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Win A Limited Edition Led Zeppelin Bundle

We have SIX prize packs up for grabs including Record Store Day yellow vinyl

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Who Are The True Monsters Of Rock?

Big question. After much soul-searching and deliberation, and in roughly chronological order, here are the dozen artists we believe most deserving of the ILYOS “True Monsters of Rock” tag.

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10 Bands That Formed 50 Years Ago In 1968

Their music has stood the test of time. Here are ten bands you've been listening to for FIFTY years.

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Kids React To Led Zeppelin

Watch these kids give their opinions hearing rock legends Led Zeppelin for the first time

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That Time Robert Plant Joined Jack White For The Lemon Song

Two incredible front men of The White Stripes and Led Zeppelin team up for a classic

Read More Posted Thu 29 Mar 2018

ILYOS Album Of The Week - How The West Was Won

Celebrating the Led Zeppelin live album remastered by Jimmy Page

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Kurt Covers Kiss, Creedence, The Clash, The Knack and Led Zeppelin!

Nirvana were never adverse to a cover or two!

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Whole Lotta Sabbath

When Led Zeppelin Met Black Sabbath (Or Not)

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The Song Remains The Same

A Led Zeppelin Photo Collection at Blender Gallery

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Listen To Immigrant Song Live From 1972

Remastered and produced by Jimmy Page

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Record Store Day 2018

Vinyl collectors rejoice! Some beauts this year including The Stooges, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Bowie & more!

Read More Posted Fri 9 Mar 2018