Hits of the 60s Quiz

How much do you remember about the fabulous music from this decade?

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Prince Quiz

How much do you know about the Purple icon?

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The Great Aussie Pub Rock Quiz - Part 2

Not gonna lie, this is as difficult as Part 1 - but we have faith you'll pass!

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Hits of the 90s Quiz

How much do you remember about this awesome decade for music?

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Folk, Americana & Country Rock Quiz

Can you get 100% of these 20 questions correct?

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Movie Soundtracks Quiz

How well do you remember these great movie moments by the songs?

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Fleetwood Mac Quiz

Can you get 100% of these 20 questions about Fleetwood Mac correct?

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Hits of the 70s Quiz

In your prime in the 70s? Let's test that music loving memory!

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Hits Of The 80s Quiz

Was the 80s your decade? Let's see how much you remember about the music of that fantastic era!

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David Bowie Quiz

Do you know everything about one of music's biggest icons?

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90s Rock Quiz

Take the 90s Rock Music Quiz and put your knowledge (and memory!) to the test

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Tori Amos Quiz

Are you the ultimate Tori Amos fan? Prove it!

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