We've put together some amazing rock playlists on Spotify so you can just press play, sit back, relax and get nostalgic about the good old days.

As you may have guessed, here at ILYOS we support music across all formats and have found platforms like Spotify and Youtube to be really beneficial. Of course, we love to support our fave bands by buying their merch, gig tickets and vinyl, but it's becoming increasingly convenient to listen to music digitally, and having access to SO MUCH music on platforms like Spotify on our phones, tablets or laptops makes it possible to take our entire music collection with us wherever we go. 

If you are yet to embrace streaming models, we recommend checking out Spotify and start with their free service. Download the app on your phone and get listening to their catalogue of literally millions of songs!

We pride ourselves on making great playlists for you, and wanted to share these 5 that truly capture what ILYOS is all about. Great music from classic and iconic artists. We try to cater for everyone and these playlists are representative of that, enjoy!

The Glory Days of Aussie Pub Rock

A huge chunk of the 4CD Festival Records release that features some of the greatest Aussie bands of all time. Five hours of the music that came of age in the pub circuits in the 70s and 80s. You're welcome!

Influential Brits

The best of 60s,  70s, 80s British music - some of the best in the world! These are the bands and artists that influenced the face of popular culture! 

Shake Some Action - Punk & New Wave Classics

Classic punk-era tracks and a few from the bands that influenced them, from the UK, USA and Australia!

I'm Every Woman

Throw this playlist on and take a moment to appreciate all of the kick-ass female artists out there. This one includes rock, pop, country and more! 

Vintage Classics

Only the best on this list, eight hours of pure nostalgia...