The Ferrets classic #2 Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart hit was released in July 1977, but it hit the charts in August. Bizarrely released as the B-side of the track “Lies”, it was “Don’t Fall In Love” the band ended up performing on Countdown and the rest is history. (There must be an interesting story there – the single was produced by Ian Meldrum; assumedly picking the B-side for Countdown was his call, which suggests that Mushroom didn’t listen to his advice about what the A-side should be in the first place).

So re-familiarise yourself with that classic Countdown performance here, and read an early feature on the band – and their notorious travails in the studio with Molly - by Vince Lovegrove from the August 12 1977 issue of RAM - 40 years ago, today! 

For the lowdown on the early days of the band, go back to our great interview with Billy Miller from last year here (and yes, hopefully B, lly will get back to us about Part 2 one day!)

Don’t forget you can listen to both Ferrets albums – Dreams of Love and Fame At Any Price -  for free on Spotify, and also our fab It’s A Long Way To the Shop If you Wanna Sausage Roll playlist of classic ‘70s Aussie rock and pop.

And to finish off , check out this over the top and orchestrated live version of the Dreams  Of Love album’s epic title track.