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Just announced, Sturgill Simpson, who released one of our favourite new albums of last year, will join Guns N’ Roses on select US tour dates.

Read More Posted Thu 25 May 2017


Maiden fans, move some furniture and start saving those pennies as twelve brand new pressings of the band's albums from the period 1990-2015 are coming on vinyl.

Read More Posted Sat 25 Mar 2017

Give The Drummer Some

Founding member of krautrock band, Can, drummer Jaki Leibezeit was unique and different. His playing took loops and repetition and added colour and flourishes to reconstruct rock's basic rhythms. We remember him.

Read More Posted Thu 2 Feb 2017

Foreigner Reveal New (Old?) Single and Video

Foreigner turns the big 4-0 next year. The band, who were one of the world's biggest rock acts of the late 70s & 80s, has revealed some exciting 2016 plans for their fans.

Read More Posted Tue 22 Nov 2016

Neil Young Announces New Album Peace Trail

Neil Young could never be accused of being slack when it comes to musical output. The folk-rock legend has surprised many with the announcement that he will release another brand new studio album this year.

Read More Posted Mon 7 Nov 2016


We take a look at a handful of Australian bands who’ve been clearly influenced by the mighty Black Sabbath over the years.

Read More Posted Fri 28 Oct 2016

Chuck Berry Rocks 90

Chuck Berry, who just turned 90, is one of the most influential figures in popular music history. His songwriting and guitar playing changed the course of rock and pop music forever. Here's 20 of our favourite Chuck Berry covers, including classics from the Beatles, the Stones, Bowie, Elvis, AC/DC & more.

Read More Posted Thu 20 Oct 2016

Ol'55 Picks

We asked Ol' 55 members - Rockpile Jones, Patrick Meatballs Drummond and Jimmy Manzie - for a list of their favourite songs from eras gone by.

Read More Posted Thu 20 Oct 2016

Pantera: The Great Southern Trendkill turns 20

American heavy metal legends Pantera pulled no punches on The Great Southern Trendkill, one of the most intense and hardest-hitting albums the group ever recorded. The album, which turns 20 this year, remains a high point of the band's body of work... for listeners at least.

Read More Posted Fri 14 Oct 2016

14 Amazing Faith No More Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

From pumpkin growing, to beef with the Chili Peppers, to toilet humour... Faith No More have never been a one trick pony.

Read More Posted Fri 7 Oct 2016

Jethro Tull's Stand Up Gets Elevated

Jethro Tull fans will be tooting their flutes over the newly announced Stand Up: The Elevated Edition, a deluxe 2CD/1DVD version of the album, due for release on November 18

Read More Posted Wed 5 Oct 2016

Ramones - Part Three: The Legacy

The four key players may be gone, but Ramones lives on. The debut record from a quartet of dirty downtown New Yorkers sounded like nothing else on the radio and changed the world for aspiring musicians and punk fans alike.

Read More Posted Fri 23 Sep 2016