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Peter Gabriel Releases Second Remastered Reissue

SO, US and UP on double and triple vinyl, out July 15

Read More Posted Tue 17 May 2016

Roxette Forced to Cancel Tour

Rather sad news in from the Swedish rockers, who were supposed to start the last leg of their massive RoXXXette 30th Anniversary Tour next month.

Read More Posted Sun 8 May 2016

Dirty Jeans

Featuring 25 much-loved tracks spanning 1988-2002, Dirty Jeans: The Rise of Australian Alternative Rock looks at the build-up and subsequent explosion of Alternative Rock in Australia

Read More Posted Tue 12 Jan 2016

But What's The Right Music?

Read More Posted Wed 14 May 2014

Morrissey, Autobiography: The Music

Read More Posted Wed 13 Nov 2013

7 Times Out Of 10, We Listen To Our Music At Night.

Read More Posted Mon 11 Nov 2013

On Friday I Suspend Belief...

Read More Posted Fri 8 Nov 2013

The Beaters Of Drums That Will Never Be Beaten

Read More Posted Thu 7 Mar 2013